A little about Me...

Hi there! I’m Nicky - a lover of all things creative - but most especially type & graphic design.

I’m married to my favourite human in the world, John, who is the most funny, smart, loving, handsome and supportive man the universe could possibly muster.

Together we have the most amazing 15 year old boy anyone could ever ask for, Ben. Like his dad, he is just as funny, smart, loving and handsome, and is currently particularily fond of standing right next to me, looking down to me, and reminding me that I am now very much shorter than he is :)

We live in the beautiful, peaceful Cornish country side, with 2 little yorkies, Lilly-Pot and Lulu-Belle  and Mittens, our very own re-incarmation of Garfield, also affectionately referred to as , ‘Kiksi-Kiksi-Meow-Meow’ or ‘Dumpling’ :)

Having this wonderful lot in my life, and being allowed to be completely content, just making pretty things all day long, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I’ve been in graphic design in some way, shape or form for more than 18 years now, and can’t think of living a single day wihout having some form of creativity in it.

I hope you find some of my creations handy in your own endeavors, and always love seeing what you make with them!

Happy Creating!

Nicky xx