Blooming Hair Girl Layered PSD file

By popular request - The 'Blooming Hair Girl' Graphic from the 'Freshly Baked Fonts Collection'.

This is a layered A4 High-Resolution PSD (Photoshop) File. Everything is on separate layers to allow for you to customise elements as you wish.

Please note the flowers themselves are on individual layers, but not themselves layered. Change her hair colour, cheek colour, eyes, background and move the florals around to your liking etc.

For those who don't have Photoshop, Individual PNG files are included to allow for editing individual elements that way.

  • Layered A4 High resuloution ( 300dpi) PSD file
  • Individual transparent backed PNG files of layered elements.

Download Size (Approx): 102mb
File Type: PSD (Photoshop File), PNG (Standard Image File)
Requirements: PSD - Adobe Photoshop CC2020 or better.

Blooming Hair Girl Layered PSD file by Nicky Laatz

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