16 Soft Plastic Overlays

Add some instant depth and realism to your images by popping on a layer of soft plastic!

Super easy to use - 16 transparent PNGs and original matching black and white Jpeg scans.

For advanced users -  the original solid Jpegs are included if you would like to tweak their contrast/depth in Photoshop - remember to set the blend mode of the layer they are on, to 'Screen'.


Fonts in previews : 
1,2,3 and 4th previews : The Very Vogue Serif Family
5th preview (Long Weekend) : Eighties Comeback
6th Preview (Atelier) : Very Vogue
7th Preview(Benefit) : Idealist Sans
8th and 9th Previews( Analogue and Vanquich) : Kilimanjaro Sans
9th Preview ( Billabong) : Beach Bound Script
10th Preview( Sunshine Coast) : Seriously Nostalgic Italic
11th Preview( Humankind) - Kilimanjaro Sans and Very Vogue Text

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