Watercolour Scrawl SVG Font

Say hello to Watercolour Scrawl Font, a quirky watercolour all caps SVG font! The uppercase and lowercase keystrokes all have different letters, and the font comes with a set of natural-looking double-letter ligatures for authenticity :)

The Watercolour Scrawl Font includes a sweet little bonus of 4 underlines to match the font :) Access them via the Glyphs Panel in Photoshop/Illustrator or by turning your Opentype ligatures on - and typing two sets of brackets together : (+) or {+} or [+] or <+>

To make the watercolour darker/stronger just double the layers up in Photoshop/Illustrator :)

Expand or tighten the letter spacing to get different feels.

Change colour in Photoshop by adding a Colour Overlay to the layer your text is on.

SVG fonts are fairly new tech in the font world, you'll need one of the following applications to use them : Photoshop CC 2017 (or newer) or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer) to use.

Language Support : English only.

Happy Creating!

Watercolour Scrawl font by Nicky Laatz

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