Starry Starshine Brush Pack for Procreate and Photoshop

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Add a little sparkle to your designs! 

This pack includes 20 Sweet and twinkly star brushes for Procreate and Photoshop. Individual PNGs are also included.

Makes adding a little sparkle super quick and easy :)


Products used in previews : 
Preview 1 : Jamaican Sunshine Font, Supa Mega Fantastic Font(script) , Dirtybits Textures.
Preview 2 : Supa Mega Fantastic Fonts, Dirtybits Textures.
Preview 3 : Jamaican Sunshine Font ( Regular) , Dirtybits Textures.
Preview 4 : Wicked Awesome Font, Pink Lemonade Font, Dirtybits Textures.
Preview 5 : California Sunrise SVG Font, Supa Mega Fantastic Font ( Script) and Dirtybits Textures.
Preview 6 : Indigo Summer Script , Wicked Awesome Font and Dirtybits Textures.

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