California Oranges SVG Font

Say hello to California Oranges! A fresh and friendly all-caps watercolour font!

If you would like a solid regular version of this font - it's included too!

SVG fonts are supported in Photoshop CC 2017 and up or Illustrator CC 2018 and up. 

The Letters can print to height of about 1.5 inches (in high resolution print documents) without losing quality. If you require anything larger I would suggest using the regular font, unless you do not mind a loss in quality ( such as on fabric printing, on billboards etc ).

Change their colours easily in Photoshop by adding a colour overlay - or even better a watercolour pattern style ( like from one of my products which have watercolour styles for Photoshop)

If the look is too diluted for you, just double the layer to make it less opaque.

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