Beautiful Starshine Script Font

Beautiful Starshine OTF,Open Type Font (normal)
Make sure you turn your Opentype Ligatures on to active when you use Beautiful Starshine Script or you will miss out on the magic of watching letters change into natural combinations as you type :)

With 48 OpenType ligatures, the script looks like your own natural handwriting.

Even without your ligatures on - Beautiful Starshine still keeps its wonderfully natural quirky personality ;)

With a whimsical personality - Beautiful Starshine is perfect for any project where a casual almost quirky look is needed. Great for Illustrated works, children's books, greeting cards, recipe books, menus, whimsical branding, real looking notes and so much more :)

NB! Current Language support is English Only.

Download size (Approx): <1mb
Beautiful Starshine Script Font by Nicky Laatz

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