Pleasures Script

Pleasures Italic OTF,Open Type Font (normal)
Pleasures Regular OTF,Open Type Font (normal)

Introducing Pleasures Script...a new playful-yet-elegant brush script font....with oodles of exciting extras!

Please note that the Extra Watercolours and foils are Photoshop Styles - and require Photoshop (Cs4+) to access - however - the original seamless Jpeg watercolours and foils are available for Non-Photoshop users.

A glyphs panel is required to access the swashes and the alternate letters in the OTF font files ( ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP CC or INKSCAPE)

Pleasures Script comes with a selection of delightfully playful end-swashes for first and last letters , as well as an alternate set of lower case letters - all available using a glyphs panel as mentioned above :)

And as if this dashing new little font isn't tempting enough on its own, it comes with some super-handy watercolour and foil extras!

NEWLY UPDATED! Pleasures now includes TTF files for non-glyph panel owners - no special software required :)


  • The Pleasures Script Font (Pleasures.otf) - includes swashes and alternate letters for use with a glyph panel.
  • The Slanted Pleasures Script font (Pleasures-Italic.otf) - a gently-slanted additional version of the original.

THE BONUS EXTRAS : ( Provided as Download links in your zip file)

  • 21 Free All-New (Not featured in any of my other packs) Watercolour and Foil Photoshop Styles.
  • A Handy guide on how to install and use the Styles
  • 16 Bonus Watercolour PNG splotches on a transparent background.

You may use this font and its extras for both personal and commercial endeavours :) If you are unsure of anything feel free to PM me - I'm always here :)

Happy designing folks!! xx

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