Lost Signals SVG Font

Lost Signals Slanted OTF,Open Type Font (normal)
Lost Signals Regular OTF,Open Type Font (normal)

Say hello to LOST SIGNALS! A grungy, painted all-caps sans serif SVG Bitmap font - with built in texture and transparency for that ultra real painted look. Available in Regular and Slanted versions for you :)


  • SVG FONTS : SVG Bitmap Fonts are supported by Photoshop CC2017+ and Illustrator CC2018+ for now, as it is relatively new tech in the font world :) The letters have been designed to go to about 1.5-2inches tall ( at 300dpi) without losing quality on print.
  • PNG FILES : But if you don't have access to SVG capable software or you would like to use the letters at a much larger size ( i.e. a4 page in height) - you can use the included **individual transparent PNG letters for your project.**
  • REGULAR FONTS : For those who would prefer it - a regular vectorised version of the SVG fonts is included, although remember with vector based fonts  - there is much less texture detail than in the original SVG font.

Download Size +- 115MB
Lost Signals SVG Font by Nicky Laatz

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