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Just Heavenly Dingbats OTF,Open Type Font (normal)
Just Heavenly OTF,Open Type Font (normal)

Say hello to JUST HEAVENLY - A fabulously-flamboyant brush font, with sumptuous strokes and touches of texture that will make you want to sway and swoon :)

Just Heavenly was created to give your type designs a fresh hand-brushed look. To make your designs look even more natural and unique, Just Heavenly has a fabulous selection of ligatures and alternate letters built in.

Just Heavenly actually has a whole extra set of uppercase AND lowercase alternate letters - so you are guaranteed to find just the right feel for your project. 

That's not all :) Just Heavenly comes with 62 lovely flamboyant swashes and ornaments as a separate font - Just add a swash, and watch your design pop in an instant :)

Pair is with a hand drawn sans or serif or a classy serif for even more possibilities :)

Fonts in previews : Daisy & Dandelion Font, and Bodoni 72.

Happy Creating!

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