Hello Starshine Starry Goodies

Free for this week only!

Introducing Hello Starshine! A collection of starry goodies to add glamour and sparkle wherever you go :)

Hello Starshine consists of 14 starry overlays - in the form of Photoshop Styles or PNG files. It also has 3 premade starry backgrounds - perfect for an instant poster or quote.

Use the Photoshop Styles if you want more control over the size and intricacies of the starry pattern overlays, and use the PNG's for a quick layer on top of your image to add some starry-ness :)

Use the Starry Styles on a layer on top of your image - and add a layer mask to determine which part of the images are ' starry' - I've included an example psd file for you :)

Don't forget to add the final touch of sparkle with the Star png/ Photoshop brush - its the cherry on top and makes your design really pop. Trust me - don't forget it! :)

What you get : ( All High Resolution - Large zip file - 464MB ) 

  • 14 Photoshop Styles - one click to add starriness to a layer.
  • 14 equivalent Starry PNG overlays
  • 2 Starry Photoshop Brushes ( as PNG also)
  • An example Photoshop file to show you how the masks are used.
  • 3 Bonus predesigned starry backgrounds.

FONT USED IN PREVIEWS. : Glamour Absolute which you can find here.

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