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The Gritty Canvas Brushes for Procreate

Transform your flat looking artwork in Procreate in a few seconds with The Gritty Canvas Procreate Texture Brushes.  Soft and subtle - yet very effective - build up the effect with using more brushes on more layers - perfect for all types of artwork- even photo-based art.


1.) Simply add a new layer at the top of your artwork, select a light colour ( like white) and fill that layer using one of the texture brushes. Adjust the opacity to your liking.

2.)Then for even more punch - add a second layer with a darker brush ( a few shades darker than the darkest colour in your design) - pick a different brush and fill that layer - bam! You have a beautifully textured piece of art! Add more layers if you like - but remember sometimes less is more :)

20 Brushes in total in this this pack ( 5 styles at various size textures each) - perfect for A4 and A3 designs.

Have fun!!

Nicky x
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The Gritty Canvas Brushes for Procreate by Nicky Laatz

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