Femme Photoshop Overlay Brushes

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Dreamy textures - I can't get enough of them :)

To make it super easy to add instant dreamy textures to images I've made 8 Photoshop Brushes - they are all made for A4 Portrait size images.

One click in a light or dark colour over your whole image to add the effect. Remember to do this on a new layer if you want to adjust it's opacity on your image too. Feel free to scale the size down for smaller media or rotate the brush 90 for Landscape images :)

You can rotate a brush in the top menu bar by typing 90 in the little angle box :)

Font names for each preview is in fine print on the bottom of the preview :)

File Type: ABR (Adobe Brush) 
Download Size (Approx): Large 69mb
Requirements: Photoshop CC2020 or later and at least intermediate experince/skill level in Photoshop and using brushes.

Femme Photoshop Overlay Brushes by Nicky Laatz

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