Summer Loving

On Sale!

Throw on some shades and get summer ready with the new Summer Loving Font Collection!

Introducing the brand new set of ultra-textured SVG Fonts designed with high resolution paintbrush detail built right in - No need to spend hours creating your own hand-painted letters - just type these babies right onto your project.

New to SVG fonts is support for Opentype Ligatures and Alternate letters - which I've added in abundance for you in this one - to make your projects look truly authentic and realistic.

Need to see exactly whats in the pack? Grab an umbrella drink, sit back and have a good scroll through all the preview showcases above :)

Love the style - but need a vector version?
No problem! Regular Opentype font versions are also included for you.

Instructions on how to use the SVG fonts are included in your pack - with video link tutorials.

TRY A SVG FONT FREE : Not too sure about SVG fonts yet? No worries - head on over to my instagram feed , - there's a permanent link to a Free Demo SVG Font, called 'ALOHA' in the bio :) Please note - it isn't a demo version of the Summer Loving SVG font - but rather a different mini font called ALOHA . You'll need Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer) to check them out.


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